Making Friends

Hi there. Today you can learn how to make some awsome new friends to hang out with anytime.

Step 1:

Sometimes you get freaked out when trying to make friends and then you give off signals that say "don't come near me," well guess what they work, but that's not what you want, is it? NO!!! Think positive and you'll act positive! Tell yourself " It'll be great to get to know someone new!"

Step 2:

When you're nervous it's easy to get caught up in your own situation that you forget about others. Look around you, does anybody else look scared? Shy? Uncomfortable? Chances are the other new girl is scared and uncomfortable. Just knowing your not the only one can help make you feel more confident and if you muster up enough courage to go say hi, chances are you'll both feel better!

Step 3:

The first place we look when we feel uncomfortable, is at the floor. It's the safer way right? Wrong! Making eye contact is a bold and sassy move. It can also feel really wierd at first but if you keep your chin up chances are you'll have a terific day!

Step 4:

Friendly thoughts and eye contact will only take you so far...now you have to talk to people! Try adding some questions to your friend finding tools-one that get's you more then a yes or no. Strong questions usaully start with "what," or "how,"-words that get people talking. Usaully you ask "can," or "do," but that only gets you short answeres. Try something like " I really like that flower, how did you draw that?".

Step 5:

Congrates-you've broken the ice and met a potential new friend! Now what? Ideally, the consversation will keep rolling, with both of you asking questions and really listening to the answere, sharing who you are and what you like . Look for things you have in comman. What movies and music does your friend like? Usaully your friendship will last a long time.

Now you have made a great new friend